Repetitive Motion Injuries/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cal/OSHA’s Title 8 Section 5110 Ergonomics Standard became effective March 1998. The Standard effects all California employers with 10 or more employees. If there are two or more workers’ compensation claims, the employer is required to provide ergonomics training to all employees with like jobs (e.g. computer operators, machinists, drivers).

BusinessWeek Online interview with Carolyn Lundberg

Online interview with Carolyn Lundberg, President, ACE Ergonomics describing her philosophies and practices to assist client companies with their ergonomics and safety matters.

“Is it Worth the Cost? Implementing an Ergonomics Program” by Carolyn Lundberg

Article published in Parcel and Shipping Magazine describing how to cost-effectively implement or modify existing worksites.

New York Times Graphic